Innovation Management: Leveraging Management Science for Competitive Advantage


  • Dr. Ali Usman Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Author


emerging technologies, Resource allocation, Innovation strategy, Organizational culture, Competitive advantage, Management science, Innovation management


Innovation management has emerged as a critical discipline for organizations seeking sustainable competitive advantage in today's dynamic business environment. This article explores the intersection of innovation and management science, aiming to uncover strategies and frameworks that organizations can leverage to enhance their innovative capabilities. By synthesizing insights from management science literature, this paper elucidates the role of innovation in driving organizational success and offers practical guidance on how firms can effectively manage innovation processes. The discussion encompasses topics such as innovation strategy formulation, organizational culture fostering creativity, resource allocation for innovation projects, and the integration of emerging technologies. Through a comprehensive review and analysis, this article provides valuable insights for practitioners and scholars alike to navigate the complex landscape of innovation management and unlock competitive advantages.