About the Journal


The Qualitative Research Review Letter (QRRL) stands as a cornerstone in the realm of qualitative research, offering a platform where scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts engage in critical dialogue, exchange insights, and advance methodological rigor. Through its pages, QRRL endeavours to enrich the qualitative research landscape by fostering meaningful discussions, challenging established paradigms, and illuminating innovative approaches to inquiry.


QRRL serves a dual purpose: to evaluate and critique existing qualitative research and to stimulate the development of novel methodologies and theoretical frameworks. By providing a space for comprehensive reviews, QRRL aids researchers in navigating the vast expanse of qualitative literature, identifying emerging trends, and discerning best practices.


QRRL welcomes submissions from various disciplines, including but not limited to sociology, psychology, anthropology, education, healthcare, and business studies. The journal encompasses a broad spectrum of qualitative methodologies, such as ethnography, phenomenology, grounded theory, narrative inquiry, case study, and thematic analysis.

Key Features:

  1. Peer-reviewed Articles: QRRL publishes original research articles that contribute to advancing qualitative methodologies, theories, and practices. Each submission undergoes a rigorous peer-review process to ensure scholarly excellence and methodological rigor.
  2. Research Synthesis: QRRL features comprehensive reviews and meta-analyses that synthesize existing qualitative research within specific domains or across disciplines. These syntheses provide invaluable insights into the current state of knowledge, identify gaps in the literature, and offer directions for future research.
  3. Methodological Innovations: QRRL showcases innovative methodological approaches and tools that enhance the quality, validity, and reliability of qualitative research. From digital ethnography to arts-based inquiry, QRRL explores the evolving landscape of qualitative inquiry and its intersection with emerging technologies and interdisciplinary perspectives.
  4. Critical Reflections: QRRL encourages reflective commentaries and theoretical discussions that critically engage with foundational concepts, ethical considerations, and epistemological assumptions underlying qualitative research. These reflections stimulate intellectual dialogue, challenge conventional wisdom, and provoke new ways of thinking about qualitative inquiry.
  5. Book Reviews: QRRL provides insightful reviews of recent publications in the field of qualitative research, including monographs, edited volumes, and textbooks. These reviews offer readers a glimpse into the latest theoretical developments, methodological innovations, and practical insights shaping qualitative scholarship.