Fee Structure

**Fee Details for Quantitative Research Review Letters (QRRL):** is 20000 PKR

**Refund Policy:**
   - APC refunds will only be provided in cases of manuscript rejection prior to peer review.

**Open Access Policy:**
   - All articles published in QRRL are freely accessible online, ensuring maximum visibility and accessibility for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers.

**Additional Information:**
   - Authors are responsible for covering all expenses associated with manuscript preparation, including language editing and formatting services, if required.
   - For inquiries regarding fees or payment procedures, authors may contact the journal's editorial office.

QRRL is committed to promoting equitable access to scholarly publishing while ensuring the sustainability of its operations. We strive to accommodate the diverse financial circumstances of authors and facilitate the dissemination of high-quality quantitative research findings through concise and impactful review articles.